Broadway & Hollywood Family Legacy

A Family Legacy: Broadway & Hollywood’s Golden Age of Vaudeville

Great-Grandfather, Master Magician, Lazarus Laurice 1897
Great-Grandfather, Master Magician, Lazarus Laurice 1897

Laurice, the multi-talented creator and star of the upcoming musical, Adventures of a Wizard, is best known for history-making death-defying escape challenges broadcast by ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, BBC and FOX network television to 100 over countries live via satellite, yet he is even more than the great escape artist and grand illusionist. Laurice walks in the footsteps of his centuries old magic tradition.

The Laurice family has a 5,000 year legacy in magic and the arts, from which their recent 140 year history spanning operetta, Broadway and Hollywood Vaudeville musicals, grew.

Laurice’s great-grandfather was a master magician and confident of Houdini’s, who mentored the Warner Bros., among others, produced variety and musicals, and booked Broadway’s legendary Palace Theater, 100 years ago. He inspired every generation before and since as they embarked on careers in the performing arts from Europe to Asia and North America to South America, encompassing Vaudeville, Operetta, English Music Hall, Yiddish Theater, radio, television and film. Partnered studios including Warner Bros and Disney-Marvel, among others, the family continues to produce film, television and live venue productions internationally from New York to Hollywood, London and Paris, Berlin to Beijing.


Adventures of a Wizard is a musical fable, now in development, based upon the real life journey of the Laurice family.

Acknowledged as the embodiment of his family’s great Vaudeville and musical entertainment legacy, Adventures of a Wizard is highlighted by Laurice’s critically acclaimed multi-talented performances of breath-taking magic, levitation and illusion, real death-defying escape challenges, comedy mime, song, dance and romance – with an ancient family secret at its heart.  An uplifting story of struggle and delightful intrigue filled with compelling characters, Adventures of a Wizard is driven by rousing interpretations of hit after hit from legendary composers including Irving Berlin, Jerome Kern, Geo M. Cohan and more, with original music and arrangements written by Laurice and his creative team, and delivered with live orchestral accompaniment.

Steeped in over 140 years of musical-variety arts, Laurice and the talented cast of Adventures of a Wizard, journey with us on a joyful, mystical adventure upon the backdrop of the Golden Age of Vaudeville – from the poignantly sublime to the hilarious slapstick circus. The highly anticipated appearance of Laurice starring in Adventures of a Wizard, brings this musical/revuesical, based upon his family’s real life journey, to the stage and screen for fans worldwide.

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