CNN News

Half a billion viewers world-wide, cheered Laurice’s heroic efforts as he earned seven world records for life-threatening escapes, including:

A breath-taking liberation from a 1½ ton maximum security Mosler safe and police handcuffs, 35 feet under water in New York’s Hudson River, in under 5 minutes. The Mosler company makes bank vaults and maximum security prisons.

“Mind boggling escapes”
CBS News

An astounding 30 second world record escape from a packing crate underwater in New York’s East River, nailed and padlocked shut, with over 35 pounds of FBI maximum security prison leg-irons and handcuffs, chains and padlocks, encircling his neck, wrists and ankles.

“Uncanny ability”
ABC News

Laurice’s terrifying extrication from a straight jacket, handcuffs and prison leg-irons while chained and padlocked from neck to groin, and hanging only by a burning rope over a spiked viper pit filled with poisonous snakes and scorpions.

“Sheer genius”
Joey Adams, Nationally Syndicated Radio

After showing a clip of Laurice on NBC’s legendary The Tonight Show, Host Jay Leno lightened the moment as he quipped, “Honey, I’ll be late for dinner. Got tied up at the office tonight.”

“POWERFUL!…Performance art married to human transformation” -Dr. Jean Houston, U.S. Pres. Carter

Creator, producer, script, play and song writer, director, choreographer and performing artist, Laurice’s daring escape triumphs made front page headlines around the world. 

New York Daily News

Laurice’s original music, song and dance, slapstick comedy mime, and storytelling woven with psychological and social depth insight, displays a wizardry that has brought reflection, joy and wonder to over half a billion thrilled and delighted viewers.

“This great magician
Laurice creates wonder & hope.”

Dr. Gabriel G. Nahas, WWII Metal of Freedom, heroic work against Hitler’s Nazi Army


Adventures of a Wizard

A Family Legacy: Broadway & Hollywood’s Golden Age of Vaudeville

While the multi-talented creator and star of the upcoming musical, Adventures of a Wizard, is best known for history-making death-defying escape challenges broadcast by ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, BBC and FOX network television to 100 over countries live via satellite, he is even more than the great escape artist and grand illusionist. Laurice walks in the footsteps of his centuries old tradition – the Laurice family has a 5,000 year theatrical priestly legacy in magic, music and the arts, featuring 150 years in the musical variety theater spanning 19th and 20th century Broadway and Hollywood.

Founder and Chairman of Portals Of Wonder, Laurice has brought magic, mime, music and myth to over 10,000 critically ill and homeless children, and frail elderly Holocaust survivors – carrying on his family’s philanthropic legacy using the arts to heal and build communities.

Equally spellbinding on stage and screen, Laurice is critically acknowledged as the personification of his family’s great Vaudeville and musical entertainment legacy, with skills that include slapstick comedy, music, song and dance. One of the world’s greatest escape artists and multi-talented showman, Laurice, enjoys being invited to make a magical appearance for select clients and their audiences.  Read more on the Broadway & Hollywood Family Legacy page at Laurice.net.

Laurice is Executive Producer, Creator and Star of television network broadcast media events and live venue theater projects. Laurice and his award winning creative and production team of Broadway and Hollywood veterans customize original, exciting and unforgettable experiences for clients and their audiences with projects for:

Film and Television [theatrical and scripted / unscripted-reality]

Corporate [meetings, cause-marketing, organizational development]

Media Events / Endorsements / Spokesperson

Theaters [musical and variety]



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